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Hi to everyone in Hammarby Sjöstad, Finnboda and Minneberg!

UbiGo has arrived in Stockholm and will be introduced first in Hammarby Sjöstad, Finnboda and Minneberg. Take the opportunity to experience easy, secure and affordable everyday travel. No fixed charges or subscription period.

Provide all the members of your household with access to a pool car, rental car, taxi, bicycle and public transport. Everything is adapted to your specific needs. And it’s much better for you, the city, and the Environment.

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We offer 10 days’ travel on SL and six hours’ access to a pool car.
Available to a limited number of households


  • Order, book and manage all your daily trips using just one app.
  • Change your UbiGo package at any time.
  • Just one subscription for all services.
  • Avoid all the hassle of owning a car – finding a parking space, washing and vacuuming, changing tyres, and servicing.


  • UbiGo works in partnership with a number of well-known, specially selected companies and organisations in the mobility sector.
  • Support available 24/7.
  • No fixed subscription period. Change or cancel the service at any time.
  • Save what you don’t use. Joining UbiGo is risk-free!


  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Keep your costs under control by choosing the way you travel.
  • Change your package to suit the needs of your household.
  • Avoid all the fixed costs, repairs and servicing associated with car ownership.

How to get started

Sign up

Fill in the registration form so that we can contact you. There’s no commitment.


We will contact you to tell you more and to see if UbiGo would suit your needs.

Activate the service

Open the app, select the level, and share the services with all the other members of your household.

Start travelling

Select the means of transport. You only pay for what you use. You can change or cancel at any time.

No fixed charges, no fixed subscription period

Choose how much public transport use and car use you want to add to your allowance every month, starting from 10 days’ access to all SL public transport services and six carpool hours (can also be used for a rental car). The size of the allowance can be changed each month and whatever is remaining at the end of the month is carried over automatically to the following month. And no need to worry if the time you have booked runs out – you can still continue to travel. Any additional costs incurred are simply added to your next bill. Each extra day or hour is charged at the level you have selected.

And it is of course possible to share UbiGo between all the members of your family.

The current price list (in swedish) can be found here

Cheaper than having your own car

In the Gothenburg pilot scheme, households reduced their costs by not having their own car and they were also more satisfied. A detailed evaluation showed that the simple, easily understood pricing system, the family-sharing arrangement, and the public transport and car use allowances were among the most popular features.

Car per hour, day, weekend or week

Pool and rental cars in partnership with Move About and Hertz.

  • Price example: 18-hour subscription – 77 kr per hour
  • Unused hours can be saved
  • No fixed charges
  • No rental car deposit
  • No congestion charges
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Reduced insurance deductible
  • Late cancellation without charge

… and you don’t have all the hassle of owning your car

Public transport per day

All public transport throughout the county in partnership with SL.

  • Price example: 20-day subscription – 41 kr per day
  • Unused days can be saved
  • Access to the full SL service range
  • More flexible than a monthly travel pass
  • Travel guarantee if an SL service is more than 20 minutes late – call us if you are delayed and we will send a taxi

A taxi and bicycle when you need them

Taxi without having to use a card or cash, bikes (and more) to the summer.

  • Book using the app
  • Fixed price for the selected route
  • No in-taxi payment
  • Access to bicycles during the season…and more services could be added