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What does it cost?

UbiGo is the simpler and cheaper alternative to car ownership—especially compared to an infrequently used car.

You create your own household’s subscription plan (number of public transport days, car use hours, and additional purchases such as taxis. The price of your subscription depends on your overall travel needs.  Anything you don’t use is carried over to the next month and you can change your plan at any point. There are no fixed fees or subscription period.

Current prices, public transport

incl. VAT/month
10 450 kr
20 820 kr
301 140 kr
401 440 kr
501 650 kr
601 930 kr

A one-day pass is valid for one user for a whole “traffic day”. A traffic day ends at 4.30 am.

The following is included for public transport

  • No fixed charge
  • If a public transport service is more than 20 minutes late, we will send a taxi to take you from the departure stop to destination stop. For those under the age of 20 and people of state pension age, 0.67 days are deducted from the account.     

Current prices, pool care and rental car

incl. VAT/month
6 600 kr
121 000 kr
181 400 kr
241 750 kr
302 150 kr
362 550 kr

For each hour you use a car-sharing vehicle, one hour is deducted from your account. For rental cars, the number of hours deducted depends on the vehicle category and rental period (day, weekend, week, etc.). See the separate price list for more information.   

The following is included for both car-sharing vehicles and rental cars:

  • No fixed charge
  • No deposit
  • No mileage charge*
  • No congestion charges
  • Deductible reduced to 4 000 kr
  • Invoice – no need to pay by card or leave a deposit  
  • Late cancellation option (up to 24 hours beforehand) *(unlimited mileage for rental cars and electric pool cars. Fossil fuel-powered cars: 10 kilometers for each hour the car is borrowed or rented, averaged over the month)

Full price list (in Swedish): pdf