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How it works

UbiGo is a flexible, app-based subscription meant to enhance your entire household’s mobility throughout Stockholm. There is no fixed subscription period and we provide a built-in guide to help choose the best options for you.

1. Start a household subscription

Using a simple price list, you estimate how many days of public transport use and how many hours and days of car use you think you will need each month.  

There’s no risk of losing anything—what you don’t use is always carried over to the next month. If your account balance is empty, it’s easy to top up at any time and you can change (or get rid of) your subscription every month.   

At the end of the month we´ll send you an invoice for the next month´s subscription, plus any additional purchases made the previous month, such as taxi fares, upgrades, or extra SL days and car use hours. 

UbiGo is much more flexible and affordable than leasing a car over three years.  

2. (3, 4, 5 …) Travel

In our easy-to-use app, you specify where you need to go and then we will give you suggestions on the fastest options of getting there using different modes of transport in addition to how much of your subscription allowance would be used. You can check out what options are available nearby, you can reserve a car, or easily download a one-day SL pass. You never have to pay in the station or cab!

Through UbiGo, you have access to all of SL’s public transport options, taxis through Cabonline (Taxikurir, TopCab, etc.), car-sharing through Move About, and rental cars from Hertz. We expect bike-sharing to be available through Citybikes in the spring!  

The UbiGo app’s booking page summarizes all your current and past bookings. You can easily manage your household’s subscription using the app!

Our users have 24/7 access to our telephone support team and if one of SL’s services is more than 20 minutes late, we’ll send a taxi to pick you up!

A very ordinary morning at the home of the Jacobsson family in Liljeholmen

It’s pouring with rain and Agneta is about to set off for work. Biking is definitely not an option. She looks in the UbiGo app and sees that a bus is due to leave in 10 minutes. She downloads a one-day travel pass and takes the bus.   

It clears up during the morning and she decides to rent a bike to do some errands at lunch time.  Her husband Peter has booked a car from Move About’s care-share in the same neighborhood and it´s his time to drive their son to football training that evening. The following day, Agneta takes the Metro and commuter train to a conference in Sundbyberg and Peter decides to bike to work.     

That evening, they decide to visit friends for the weekend. As their friends live out of town, they book a slightly larger rental car with plenty of space for the whole family. Later that evening, their teenage daughter Sofia books a taxi as she missed the last bus home.