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What is MaaS

MaaS is about an easy everyday life and good accessibility in cities. It’s about making it easier for people to go somewhere or get things done without having to own – and in most cases use – a car. It’s for households that start to realise that holding on to the car is expensive and is creating more problems than benefits. It’s for households that don’t have the means to own a car but still have high demands for mobility.

Using a car is easy, even if it means getting trapped in congestion and spending tens of minutes finding a parking space. Not to mention the high cost of ownership and parking. But it takes you anywhere, anytime and without spending any mental energy. Compare that with the multimodal experience of today. How to pay for a bus ticket (and which one to buy)? How to find and pay for a car to use for an hour or weekend,? How to know which is be the fastest or cheapest means of transport? How to trust someone to take responsibility for the quality of the services?

An easy everyday life depends on good city planning, good public transport connecting the City complemented with other mobility services such as taxi and car and bike sharing – and an easy way to find, book and pay for the trip or errand. That’s where MaaS comes in. Integrating the different options, maybe bundling them in to a subscription that is easy to understand and use will make it easier to roam the city.

By combining the modes seamlessly, MaaS will also foster the growth of sustainable modes and enable a faster introduction and upscaling of new sustainable services.