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About UbiGo

No more of the hassle of owning a car. Just pay for what you use. Mobility subscription. Trouble-free travel, everything in one place. UbiGo.

UbiGo offers urban households subscription on mobility instead of having to own a car. Public transport, car rental and car sharing, taxi and bikes according to the needs. Everything in one app, everything on a single bill for the whole household.

UbiGo was born out of the very successful pilot in Gothenburg, now we are relaunching in Stockholm in cooperation with the platform provider Fluidtime and mobility service providers such as SL (regional), Cabonline, Hertz and Move About. The relaunch was made possible by SL opening up for digital reselling and bundling of services and with support by the EU H2020 project CiViTAS Eccentric with the City of Stockholm as site owner.

UbiGo is a pioneer in what is now called Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and that has become a hot, or even hyped, trend in many countries. We are part of the new mobility paradigm – how people get around in large cities and how organisation solve their travels. We contribute in making  citizens, cities and the environment healthier.

Supporting local MaaS-operators

In October 2017, UbiGo Innovation AB and Fluidtime AG (part of Kapsch) announced a cooperation, in which Fluidtime will provide the technical platform FluidHub and FluidBiz based on UbiGo specifications for the Stockholm pilot starting in October 2018. Together the two companies will also offer a franchising concept for potential MaaS-operators in Cities outside the Nordic market.

UbiGo har raised enormous interest all over the world and UbiGo Innovation is aiming to support local partners in establishing UbiGo-like services (or MaaS – Mobility-as-a-Service) in urban areas. It is our strong belief that the customer needs and thus the offer will be quite similar in all large cities, but also that the conditions will be quite different which will require local partners running the actual service. With an scalable and international IT-platform, the knowledge, the network and brand recognition, UbiGo innovation can give these a kick-start.

Supporting the global MaaS community

UbiGo participates in the EU H2020 projekt IMOVE, supporting the development of MaaS services in 5 other European, including Gothenburg. Ubigo is a member of DriveSweden and we share our insights on many conferences in Europe and USA.  The founder of Ubigo is a member of the Swedish Government’s Innovation partnership program for next generation transport and travel and he is a lead trainer for  UITP MaaS training.

UbiGo received the award for  Promising Innovation by the OECD International Transport forum.

Read more about the Gothenburg pilot (old web site)

In our pilot  in Gothenburg that involved 70 paying households under real conditions relied on Ubigo for their everyday travel for 6 months. Researchers at Chalmers have published many papers based on the very thorough evaluation. Read them here>>

Interested in joining the ride in some way?
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